What are the Known GMOs Pros and Cons?

GMOS Pros and ConsGMO
foods are known to be genetically modified organisms that acquire new genes from other organisms which are added to their current or existing genes. As of today, there is a great debate occurring in between medical and health professionals with regards to GMOs pros and cons. There are some medical specialists who are emphasizing that list of GMO foods are really on to offer health benefits to people but there are some who are against such approach as there are also drawbacks with these GMOs food. GMOs are genetically engineered foods that have both its pros and cons that you need to be aware about. Some GMOs pros and cons are as follows:


Here are some of the lists of the benefits that GMOs food offers and these are as follows:

Insect Resistance

Some lists of GMO food have been studied and modified making them more resistant and effective to insect pests. It is also reported that toxic bacterium that can be added to crops make this GMO foods insect repellant and yet safe and healthy to be used by humans. This can decrease the quantity of pesticide chemicals that are used on plants thus reducing the risks of pesticide exposure.

Environmental Protection

There are already proven studies and reports that the increased of GMO animals and crops requires less chemicals, tools and time. This is just a manifestation of decreased in environmental pollution and emission of green house gasses that may affect the environment. This also reduces the existence of soil erosion which is beneficial to plants. GMO can also improve the general health and beauty of the environment of surrounding farms. This can also contribute to sustain better water and air quality which can also benefit human.

Better Nutrition

If you are going to modify GMO in terms of its vitamin or mineral content, you are assured that this can truly supply the best nutrients in your body. This is essential in fighting malnutrition based from the Food and Agricultural Organization in the United Nations.

These are just some of the benefits that GMO can offer plants, animals and human being. Taking a closer look at these benefits, you are already given a hint that lists of GMO can truly help people and the environment towards sustaining a better and healthier life.


Not all types of GMO food that you are going to get in touch with can posts healthy effects in your body since there are some instances that this may be risks in your life. Here are some of the drawbacks that you need to be aware of as far as GMO foods are concerned and these include the following:

Allergic Reactions

GMOs food can also posts for significant risks for allergy to the people. There are some genetic modifications that mixed and added proteins that are not indigenous to the original animal or plant causing allergic reactions to the body. There are also cases that proteins coming from an organism that people are allergic too may be added to an organism that are not allergic to it. This may result to the same allergic reactions that may harm human health and body.

Decreased Efficacy of Antibiotic

Some of the GMO food contains high antibiotic features that are primarily built into them towards becoming resistant or immune to viruses and diseases. When you spare time to eat these foods, these types of antibiotic markers will persists in the body and can emphasized antibiotic medications less convenient and effective.

Gene Transfer

One of the constant risks of these GMO foods is that it can modify genes of organism that may escape into the wild. Studies warns that some herbicide resistant genes coming from those commercial crops may immediately cross into wild weed community thus creating some superweeds that can’t be killed with the use of herbicides. Another related risk is that the escape of this genetically enhanced vegetation and animal can create for new and super organisms that can drive certain species into its extinction.

With these GMOs cons, you need to be very careful when choosing lists of GMO foods that you are going to eat and get in touch with. This is just to make sure that the one you are going to choose will not posts any unhealthy risks in your body and health. This is the reason why as early as now, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge and information with regards to these GMO foods to assure of better and safer health at all times.

Can The Benefits of GMO Outweigh Its Risks?

Why do people needs to evaluate GMOs pros and cons? Well, the answer is to definitely outweigh its benefits with its risks as far as mass production is concerned. In some cases, obtaining accessibility to GMO foods can always make sense since resources are very thin and the people are immediately dying due to hunger. In other areas also, the risks may always outweigh its benefits. This is the reason why the decision lies in your hand as to where you are going to stand as far as GMO foods are concerned.